A simple guide to measuring your own radiator cabinet

Cabinet Measuring

At Loughview Furnishings we provide a full service of measuring, designing and fitting. However if you live a long distance away or just want a quotation, here is a simple guide to measuring your own radiator cabinet.

{A}. Length:Measure from the outside of one valve to the outside of the other valve.
{B}. Height:Measure from the floor to the top of the radiator.
{C}. Depth:Measure from the wall to the maximum projection of the radiator.



Always take into consideration any obstructions such as window boards, electrical sockets, furniture, doors and dado rails etc.

Please check your measurements, as we cannot be responsible for incorrect measurements supplied, once the cabinet has been manufactured.



As a guideline, the following is added to your measurements to give you the overall cabinet size:

Length: 6 inches (150mm) - ie: 3 inches each side of the valves
Height: 5 inches (127mm)
Depth: 3 inches (76mm)


Further Help:

If you find that you have not got the guidline clearance please supply the following measurements:


{D}. Length:Measure from outside of the radiator valve to plugs, furniture etc.
{E}. Height:Measure from the top of the radiator to the under side of the window board, dada rail etc.
{F}. Length:Measure from outside of the radiator valve to architrave, corners, furniture etc.



We can supply by post - samples of our wood and painted finishes plus grille samples if distances is an object, otherwise we will call out to your house or premises.